Friday, August 11, 2017


ZEISS has received an order to furnish a UNIVERSARIUM Mark IX Planetarium with LED illumination for the new Science Dome of Heilbronn‘s experimenta, the biggest Science Center of its kind in southern Germany. On a floorage of 6,500 m², experimenta visitors can explore a multiplicity of themes and exhibits in the science and technology fields. By 2019, the Science Center will open a spectacular new five-story building with an annexed Science Dome for special experiences. The dome will feature quite a number of extras, such as a rotating auditorium, water screen, concert stage and movie screen, which promise unique experiences to future viewers. Realistic demonstrations of the night sky will be provided by the optical-mechanical UNIVERSARIUM star projector. Illuminated by cutting-edge LED technology, the projected stars fascinate by their absolutely white brightness. The projector will be specially adapted to meet experimenta requirements.

(Photo courtesy: experimenta Heilbronn)

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