Saturday, December 19, 2015


Ministry of Antiquities
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A new discovery in the Golden Mask of King Tut
A huge press conference was held yesterday at the Egyptian Museum to announce the results of the restoration process of King Tutankhamun' s famous Mask. Antiquities Minister Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty who is also the head of the scientific team responsible for restoring the Mask after a false restoration last August declared that the Mask will be on display starting from today 17-12-2015 in its original place in the Museum.
The restoration process revealed, added Eldamaty, a new archaeological discovery related to the original technique used in manufacturing the Mask; a gold tube was found inside the royal beard that was used to install it in the Mask. Another secret was also revealed; the original material used to fix the royal beard into the mask was the beeswax, the same material used in this process.
Eldamaty also added that a scientific study is being prepared now and a book will be published soon tackling the whole restoration process and the detailed scientific studies related to the Golden Pharaoh's masterpiece.
In his presentation, professor Christian Ekmann, head of the scientific German team has displayed the mechanical technique used in removing the resin used in the false restoration saying that wooden tools were used in order not to scratch the gold mask. He also emphasized that no chemical solvents were used to remove the "epoxy" and separate the royal beard from the Mask. Then the beard was refastened using beeswax, the same material used by ancient Egyptians, so that it will be easy to remove in the future.
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