Sunday, January 31, 2016


Ministry of Antiquities
Press Office
German Engineer offers two Robots to the Ministry of Antiquities
The German Engineer “Friedhelm Kremer” offered the Ministry of Antiquities two robots with video cameras that will help in exploring the corridors and difficult areas that could not be reached by the traditional huge devices and tools… Stated Dr. Eldamaty last week.
A workshop has been set, added Eldamaty, to train a number of archaeologists and curators to train them in using the new robots to serve the archaeological work. The team also received a practical training inside the Tomb of Tye and the ramp of the Unas Pyramid in Saqqara.
The offer is a sign of the strong bilateral relations between Egypt and Germany in the field of archaeology.
On the other side, “Kremer” commented that his great love for the Egyptian antiquities was the reason behind his offer saying that he is prepared to help the Ministry with the use of the robots and with his wide experience of the field.

© Ministry of Antiquities, Press Office
Wrote : Asmaa Mostafa
Translated by: Eman Hossni

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