Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Ministry of Antiquities
Press Office
Outcomes of today's conference in Zamalek
The press conference which has been held by Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty the minister of antiquities today morning to announce the outcomes of the international celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the tow temples of Abu Simbel transfer and also the passing of the sun over King Ramses II statue in his temple at Abu Simbel on 21, 22 February every year, has just finished.
Eldamaty has declared that the campaign of saving Nubian heritage is considered to be an apparent evident for the effort which has been done, and dealing with difficulties that Egypt faced through ages, he explained his appreciation for all who helped in this international campaign.
Eldamaty called all journalists, broadcasters, TV Channels, local and international news agencies for attending the international ceremony at Abu Simbel as it is considered to be an international event which has a great impact on foreign tourism in Egypt.
The Minister also displayed, during the conference, all the challenges which face the Ministry especially in the environment of rumors, through social media "face book", the Minister also asked the attendance to make sure of the source of their information to avoid mess and enraging public opinion.
The minister invoked the attendance to shed the light on the achievements of the Ministry to raise up Egypt name again, and regain the effective role of the Ministry, as the ministry now has a number of great projects, like the developing of pyramids site project..
During the conference the architect Hamdy Al-Setouhy "the founder of Abu Simbel 50 Campaign" displayed an illustrative video that counts the process of Abu Simbel transport and how successful it was under lack of tools and technique then, he also presented the goals of the golden Jubilee celebration which will continue till 2018.
Al-Setouhy added that a number of artists will participate in this year's ceremony with an event carrying the title" Abu Simbel in Artists eyes", and displaying the paintings in a special gallery in the archaeological site, and that goes within the events of the sun pass on Ramses II face for this year.

© Ministry of Antiquities, Press Office

Wrote: Asmaa Mostafa
Translated by: Hend Monir

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