Sunday, October 8, 2017

AURORA AND DRACONIDS FROM COMMERCIAL AIRPLANE Taken by Adrien Mauduit on October 7, 2017 @ Atlantic ocean, 300 miles south of Greenland

On the night between the 7th and the 8th, I was flying above the Atlantic ocean at around 40000 feet from Canada to Europe when the aurora decided to show at around 1:00 am LT (South of Greenland). Our route was far south to really see the aurora and the moon was still washing everything out, but I always take the north window seat and have my cameras ready anyway. Even against all odds, a beautiful cyan arc and eventually pillars appeared, and much anticipated guests also made their appearance: most likely Draconid meteorites. One conclusion to be drawn: you can always see tons of stuff on a plane at night, you just have to look out the window!

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