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For the first time in its 12 year history, the Jena FullDome Festival will be hosting an "IMERSA Day" in conjunction with the Festival at the Zeiss Planetarium in Jena on May 27, 2018. IMERSA and FullDome Festival want to support their respective activities and combine networks in order to strengthen and streamline their agenda and discuss effective strategies for creative productions and future-oriented marketing.

IMERSA and FullDome Festival Plan IMERSA Day at Upcoming Festival

Press Contact: Carolyn Collins Petersen ( )

The board and officers of IMERSA and organizers of the Fulldome Festival in Jena, Germany have jointly announced the first annual “IMERSA Day”, set for May 27, 2018, during the festival at the Zeiss Planetarium in Jena, Germany. The festival runs May 23-26, 2018.

The formal agreement was presented at the IMERSA Summit at COSI in Columbus, Ohio, February 27, 2018, by Volkmar Schorcht on behalf of the board of the Fulldome Festival Foundation. IMERSA Day offers attendees a chance to discuss cooperation in the creation and marketing of fulldome and 360° productions. “IMERSA Day is the next step in international outreach for both IMERSA and the Fulldome Festival”, said Dan Neafus, IMERSA executive officer. “The festival fosters and encourages creative arts in the dome and IMERSA brings further focus by the production community at large.”

The need for IMERSA Day reflects the interest in fulldome productions spurred by the growing number of planetariums and dome theatres with digital projection technology. With digital technology, requirements for production and marketing of fulldome presentations have expanded. Topics, demands and development opportunities of the 360° immersive medium are the focus of IMERSA Summits and other related events. IMERSA fosters the growing interest in digital fulldome cinema, immersive entertainment, performance art and virtual experiences. The FullDome Festival in Germany offers a platform for all current professional, independent and student works, characterized by innovation and inspiration.

The upcoming IMERSA Day is the first in the festival’s 12-year history. Both groups will use it to combine networks in order to strengthen and streamline joint agendas and discuss effective strategies for creative productions and future-oriented marketing. The development of standards in technology, production and distribution will be discussed by leading international representatives of the fulldome community. Both organizations, IMERSA and Full Dome Festival, hope to increase the involvement of European partners to the benefit of all parties. Registration for the festival is currently open.

IMERSA Inc. is a non-profit business league with roots deeply embedded in the digital fulldome medium. Incorporated in 2008, the founding sponsors initiated ongoing research and development programs in search of standards and guidelines for fulldome production and technologies. IMERSA hosts an annual international Summit for fulldome professionals, covering facets of immersive experience including; digital fulldome cinema, immersive entertainment, interactive performance arts, and other experiential content.

The international Jena FullDome Festival is organized by the Fulldome Festival Foundation under the trusteeship of the Ernst Abbe Foundation in Jena, Germany. The purpose is to ignite, showcase and assess new fulldome productions and to provide an open platform to promote the art, the business and the future of fulldome and related 360-degree media. Visitors to the Festivals watch and discuss international fulldome productions, meet professional, student and independent producers and participate in panels, workshops, presentations and expert talks.

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