Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Press release from the Deutsches Museum Munich about a new planetarium show based on the scientific research on the development of the universe, the galaxies and dark matter:

“What happened after the Big Bang? How do stars and galaxies form? What role does dark matter play in this? In order to understand how our universe is developing, scientists have used the SuperMUC high-performance computer to create complex and spectacular simulations. In cooperation with the Munich Cluster of Excellence Universe and its successor Origins, in which various scientific institutions are united, a new fulldome show has been created, which will be shown regularly in the Deutsches Museum planetarium in the future. The well-known researcher and science journalist Harald Lesch could be won as the speaker for the 30-minute show. (In German)”


Photo: Deutsches Museum /Bastian Harfold (Excerpt from the new show: In the dome above the projector you can see the simulation of galaxies in motion.)

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