Sunday, September 15, 2019

COMET 260P/MCNAUGHT Taken by José J. Chambó on September 1, 2019 @ Valencia, Spain

Object/Date: 260P/McNaught @ September 1,2019 02:09 UT Description: Comet 260P/McNaught imaged on September 1st 2019 near its perihelion which will be on day 9th, in this image with a brightness around magnitude 12.5 shows its dust tail with 25 arcminutes long and in which can be seen a more condensed central spine due we are near its orbital plane. Acquisition details: Telescope GSO 8" N f/3.8. Camera Atik 383L+. Exposure 9 min. (L=3x120 bin2 + RGB=1x60 bin3). From Hoya Redonda, Valencia (Spain). Processed with PixInsight. More info at

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