Saturday, April 30, 2016

COMET 252/P Photo: Fritz Helmut Hemmerich

Comet C252/P, captured today (2016-04-30) between 0:45h and 2:45h UT in Tenerife, 1180 m altitude. After stacking the subframes I was very surprised by these faint HII regions (unknown to me; perhaps someone can give me some information) at top of the coma and also under the near coma part of the tail (giving false red color to it).

Coma diameter is 37 ' and tail length about 1 degree.

Parallel exposure resulting in a LRGB image.

RGB: 120 x 45 sec, Sony A7s (CentralDS modded), Hyperstar 14"/F1.9, ISO3200, IR block filter
Monochrome: 40 x 180 sec, Starlight Xpress SX-36, RASA 11"/F2.2, L-pro filter
Both mounted at a ASA DDM 85 (unguided)

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