Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ARC OF SUMMER FULL MOON Taken by Alan Dyer on July 9, 2017 @ near Gleichen, Alberta

Heres a multiple exposure composite showing the arc of the Full Moon of July 9/10, 2017 low across the southern sky on a summer night from dusk to dawn. This illustrates the low arc of the Moon across the sky in northern summer, from southeast at left to southwest at right.

The sky is a blend of three long exposures:

• for the dusk 10 p.m. sky (left) with crepuscular rays in the clear twilight,
• the 2 a.m. middle-of-the-night sky with the Moon nearly due south (middle) with stars and iridescent colours around the Moon in light cloud,
• and the dawn 5 a.m. sky (right) with increasing clouds hiding the Moon.

The Moon disks come from a series of short 1/15-second exposures, to record just the disks of the bright Moon. I took shots every minute but selected images taken at 10-minute intervals here for the composite.

Taken from home on a warm and dry summer night with no dew! Stacked and blended in Photoshop, with Lighten blend modes and gradient masks. Shot with a 15mm full-frame fish-eye lens and Canon 6D.

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