Wednesday, July 26, 2017

ZODIACAL LIGHT Taken by Fabiano B. Diniz on July 21, 2017 @ Padre Bernardo, Goias, Brazil

I took this photo during the 10th Brazilian Astrophotography Meeting, held near the city of Padre Bernardo in the central part of Brazil (in the state of Goias). It was taken in July 21st at 07:08pm local time and it is a mosaic of two photos, showing the Zodiacal Light stretching almost vertically from the horizon up past Jupiter. In this time of the year and from that position the ecliptic is almost vertical after sunset. I cloud easily see it because that site is far from major cities, being approximately 100km northeast of Brasilia. Visually the Zodiacal Light was visible almost to the zenith.
Right above the horizon the last glimpse of twilight is visible. Also, the first exposure captured a small flare caused by a satellite, seen to the right og the Zodiacal Light.

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