Friday, December 15, 2017

GEMINID SHOWER RADIANT Taken by Alan Dyer on December 13, 2017 @ near Portal, AZ

Heres a composite showing the 2017 Geminid meteors streaking from the radiant point in Gemini at upper left, above the blue-white star Castor. 2 or 3 meteors are not Geminids as their paths do not project back to the radiant, but I have left them in regardless, as an illustration.

This also illustrates how the meteor paths are shorter closer to the radiant and lengthen away from the radiant.

This is a stack of 43 exposures, each 1-minute with the 24mm Canon lens at f/2.5 and filter-modified Canon 5D MkII camera at ISO 6400, set fast to pick up the fainter meteors. These were the 43 exposures with meteors (some with 2 or 3 per frame) out of 455 taken over 5 hours. I shot this from southeast Arizona, near Portal.

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