Wednesday, December 27, 2017

THE SOLAR DOME Taken by Pierluigi Giacobazzi on December 24, 2017 @ Castelnovo ne Monti - Italy

Daily Motions of celestial objects reflect the Earths daily rotation about its axis. In the Northern Hemisphere, the celestial objects appear to rise in the East horizon and set in the West horizon. These apparent daily paths are parallel to the Celestial Equator and their inclinations relative to the horizon depends on the observers latitude despite to their elevations that change with seasons. The picture shows the Suns apparent daily motion at the beginning of the winter season, as can be observed at 44th parallel north. The lowest solar path of the year was recorded on 24th December 2017, stacking 48 pictures of the Sun from dawn till dusk. In the diurnal landscape, the disk of the Sun crosses the new UNESCOs Man and Biosphere reserve of the Italian Appennino Tosco-Emiliano Park where the Bismantova Stone stands out with its peculiar shape. What a majestic view!

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