Friday, October 4, 2019

NEPTUNE Taken by Kevin Witman on September 21, 2019 @ Cochranville, PA, USA

With the recent opposition of our 8th planet, I attempted to image this distant ice world in RGB and with a Baader 610 Longpass filter. The image size at f/10 was so very tiny in my 10" scope. Doubtful of any chance to catch a bright storm in its clouds with this set-up. I combined an RGB image, 610nm LP image and an overexposed 610nm LP image (for Triton).

Images recorded using a Meade LX50 10" SCT, ZWO ADC, a ZWO ASI290MM and a IS DFKAU04. Processed using WINJUPOS, AS3, Registax 6, and PS5

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