Saturday, May 25, 2019

MULTI-LAYERED SUNSET WITH FINE CREPUSCULAR RAYS Taken by Ian Carstairs on May 23, 2019 @ Harleston, Norfolk, UK

Local atmospheric conditions created an unusual sunset, where a deep orange band seemed constrained under a low level layer of cloud (almost like it was a split view of underwater) while the sun brightly lit the underside of high level clouds. Difficult to capture on camera was the spray of fine crepuscular rays fanning upwards (almost aurora-like)from the middle level clouds. At 52 degrees latitude we might not be able to emulate the wonderful images of the aurora on this website, but being near the east coast of England and sandwiched between Continental Europe air mass and the Atlantic weather systems, sundown each night, if it is not overcast almost always delivers a lovely display. The second image is from the night before with a sun pillar and a very bright sundog peeping through the clouds. There was a second feint sundog about 10 degrees above the lower bright one, but barely visible near the top of the image.

Canon EOS6D f8 1/200 28mm ISO100

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