Saturday, May 18, 2019

~ OMEGA CENTAURI IN CENTAURUS ~ Taken by Noeleen Lowndes on April 7, 2019 @ Stardust Observatory Leyburn Australia

Omega Centauri is a stunning globular star cluster made up of millions of stars, it’s approximately 16,000 light-years away from us and an amazing 150 light-years in diameter, it’s the largest globular cluster in our Milky Way galaxy and it’s on show now for you to enjoy high up in the southern sky. It’s one of my favourites objects to observe at this time of the year :-)

This image was taken at my Stardust Observatory at the last new Moon weekend in April with a Meade 80mm refractor telescope and a Canon 70D camera, which was being tracked on a larger telescope. 15 images with exposures of 90 second each ISO 800, plus 5 dark frames were stacked in DSS, and processed in PS CS4.

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