Saturday, February 18, 2017

AURORAS, TEST ROCKET Taken by Ronn and Marketa Murray on February 16, 2017 @ Fairbanks - Alaska

Meet Madison, a smart, sweet, beautiful Wish Kid who we had the pleasure of getting to know a bit and sharing our Auroras with tonight. It was her wish to enjoy these magic lights and our honor to help grant that wish. As a bonus she got to see also some test rocket for up coming missions. Aurora exist somewhere between 50-600mil or 80-1000km The best way to study them is send sounding rocket in to them. Poker Flat Research Range here in Fairbanks - Alaska, is the perfect place to do that.
They have lunch window for two mission - four rockets, two for the Neutral Jets in Auroral Arcs mission and two for the Ionospheric Structuring: In Situ and Groundbased Low Altitude StudieS (ISINGLASS) mission.
Both mission were scrubbed due weather up north and defused Aurora last night.But we still have great time. Big thanks to Maddy and her amazing family and to Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington for giving us an opportunity to be part of such a cool experience. She was a bright shining star tonight with that Aurora filled sky.

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