Sunday, February 5, 2017


As promised a few days ago, I said I would answer 10 questions that you asked about new discoveries while in Stockholm, together with the Egyptologists Wolfgang Wettengel and Garry Shaw. I will post one question and answer every day over the next ten days. Here's the first!
(Photo by Kate Gabor)
Question 1 – What is the most prominent topic or unsolved mystery in Egyptian archaeology?
There isn't really one mystery that we need to solve, there's many! First, I think we need to know what's behind the so-called secret doors in the Great Pyramid. Second, the tomb of Imhotep – that the British scholar Emery searched for his entire life – is still waiting to be discovered. And in a few weeks from now, we'll be starting a project to scan the Valley of the Kings – we know that many tombs are missing, such as the tombs of Amenhotep I, Tuthmosis II, Ramesses VIII, and of all the Dynasty 18 queens who were buried in the Valley of the Kings. Also, the location of the burial of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony is a mystery. And where is Alexander the Great's tomb?

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