Friday, February 10, 2017


Question 10 – Do you believe Nefertiti's mummy is in the Cairo Museum, in the hidden chambers in King Tut's tomb, or it is yet to be discovered?

I really don't think that Queen Nefertiti is in KV 62 – the tomb of Tutankhamun – for many reasons: one, I don't think that the priests of Amun would ever let the queen that followed her husband Akhenaten in worshipping the Aten be buried in the Valley of the Kings; two, why would King Tut be buried in a tomb that belonged to his mother? And three: the style of the tomb and the scene of the Imyduat is exactly the same style found in the tomb of Ay; this could prove that this tomb was originally made for Ay, and when Tutankhamun died suddenly, he gave him this tomb. Also, why would someone come into the tomb and block what was behind? – this has never happened. The most important evidence that disproves this theory is that when I took the Japanese radar readings and gave them to an American radar expert, he wrote to me officially saying that this reading doesn't show there is anything. I really believe that Nefertiti was originally buried at Amarna, and just as the skeleton in KV55 – that we found was Akhenaten – was moved, her mummy could have been moved later to somewhere in the Valley of the Kings. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong, but I think that the mummy with a head found in KV 21 could be Nefertiti. Why? Because Egyptians always buried a mother and a daughter, like in KV 35 where the mummy of Queen Tiye was buried beside her daughter, the mother of Tutankhamun. We found some evidence that the headless mummy in KV 21 could be Ankhesenamun. Therefore, maybe the other mummy is Nefertiti.

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