Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Question 7 – Since the revolution, what steps have the Ministry of Antiquities and the Egyptian Museum taken to prevent another looting?

You know, if the light is off in any country in the world, people will rob the cities. We had a revolution in 2011 and this was really bad for antiquities. One thousand people entered Cairo Museum on the night of the 28th January, but thank God the museum was saved because these people were looking for two things: for gold, and for something called red mercury – red mercury is a legend, it doesn't exist. Then, after the revolution, people began to attack storage magazines and antiquities sites by building tombs and houses. And there were illegal excavations; if you have a satellite map of Egypt in 2010 and one after 2010, you'll find that there's holes everywhere. But thank God, for the last three years now we've had a stable government and Egypt is completely safe. I want to guarantee everyone that all the antiquities now are in good hands and completely protected.

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