Thursday, March 2, 2017

G2-GEOMAGNETIC STORM (+ MOON, VENUS & MARS) Taken by M-P Markkanen on March 1, 2017 @ Troms, Norway

What an incredible Aurora-show last night (1st-2nd of March 17)!
Theres been nice Lights almost every night during the past weeks here in the far north, and yesterdays G2-storm was like the climax of it all!

I picked this photogenic 1356m high mountain called Otertinden (Ivvárasággi in Northern Sami language) in Storfjord, Norway, as my photo-destination. What an awesome combination: epic mountain with some epic Auroras!

On the way to Otertinden, as I left Tromsøya-island, I saw the setting crescent Moon accompanied by Mars and Venus with Auroras dancing in between, so I stopped to snap a photo of them with the city lights. But just as I got to the shore, the activity seized, and I had to wait almost an hour before the Lights came back, and by that time the Moon was already dipping behind a distant mountain..but I still got my shot.

Then I continued to Otertinden, where I spent the rest of the night admiring the remote valley with its dramatic mountain under the storming Auroras, which danced on and off all night long with several crazy coronas!

What a night once again under the magical Auroras here in Northern Norway!

Some photo info:
Gear: Nikon D600 & Samyang 14mm f/2,8 (and Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 for the Moon+planets-photo)
Benro A2980T-tripod & B1-ballhead

Otertinden/Ivvárasággi(1356m), Storfjord, Norway
1.3.2017 23:31(UTC+1)
ISO 3200

Otertinden/Ivvárasággi(1356m) and the Signaldalelva-river , Storfjord, Norway
[Panorama of 9 vertical photos)
2.3.2017 01:46-01:50(UTC+1)
15 sec
ISO 3200

View towards Nordkjosbotn at the end of the Nordkjosen branch of the Balsfjorden
[Panorama of 7 horizontal photos
2.3.2017 02:57-02:59(UTC+1)
13 sec
ISO 3200

The setting crescent Moon, Mars and Venus behind Tromsøya-island
1.3.2017 20:43(UTC+1)
1 sec
ISO 3200

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