Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FULL MOON AND JUPITER SETTING Taken by Peter Lowenstein on April 11, 2017 @ Mutare, Zimbabwe

Early this morning the Full Moon and Jupiter set behind Murahwa Mountain with Jupiter disappearing (first picture) just before the Moon began to appear to roll down the southern flank of the mountain (second picture). A video was recorded just as Moon passed behind a jutting promontory of rock (which I call the nose of Murahwa Mountain) and a beautiful animation taken from this is presented in the next post. A still from that animation (third image) shows that the Moon passed behind the promontory at 05.47 LT in almost the exact location as the Sun did when it rolled down the same mountain slope at 17.37 LT on 03 October 2015 (last image). An amazing coincidence to see two different heavenly bodies taking almost exactly the same path when setting at different times on two widely separated dates. The photographs were taken using a tripod-mounted Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 compact camera in sunset scenery mode with up to x60 zoom magnification.

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