Tuesday, April 18, 2017

ISS / SOLAR TRANSIT Taken by Michael Seeley on April 17, 2017 @ Melbourne, Florida, USA

ISS Solar Transit: April 17, 2017

Unfortunately, Im not able to attend the launch by United Launch Alliance (for Orbital ATK) of the CRS-7 Cygnus capsule (named after the great John Glenn) tomorrow, but at just under 24 hours before the launch, I was able to see where the capsule is headed, from a distance of 452 km.

May I present the International Space Station, transiting the face of the Sun, seen from downtown Melbourne (just 5 minutes from my office!) and the Space Coast of Florida at 11:46 am (ET).

Thanks again to transit-finder.com for another accurate prediction. The transit began at 11:46:40 and lasted a mere .57 seconds. At the time of transit, the ISS was 452 km away from my viewing location. This image was created by extracting 17 frames from a 4K video (I may post it later), shot at 29 frames per second with an EF100-400mm lens and a 2x converter. Shooting directly into the sun is serious business, so I was using two ND filters (a 10-stop and a 3-stop), and the camera was set at ISO100, 1/3200 and f16. The images were processed in Lightroom, combined in Photoshop using the darken mode and then finished (again) in Lightroom with a modest amount of detail extraction applied in Color Efex4 as a final touch.

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