Thursday, April 13, 2017

JUPITER - OPPOSITIONS Taken by Efrain Morales Rivera on April 7, 2017 @ Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Compilation of 13 years of Jupiter oppositions images ( 2004-2017 ). Note: 2013 is not missing it was oppositionless last time was in 2001. I wanted to go back further to 1985 but the quality are way below to the modern era of digital Ccds videos compare to SLR cameras at the time ( Center image =1986, 1996) and a single image if your lucky. Many equipments were used at the time to the present. ( Equipments: LX200ACF 12 in., 10in, C8 OTAs, CGE mount, ASI290, Flea3, DMK21, TouCam 740,840, SAC7 Ccds, Canon AE1, Nikon F SLRs, TeleVue 3x barlows, PowerMate 2.5x, Celestron 2x barlows.)

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