Friday, May 26, 2017

SATURN Taken by Max Mallon on May 26, 2017 @ Amsterdam

These are my latest, and once again best photos of Saturn ever. It was exceptionally clear and calm last night, so I went out, obviously.
Saturn is a pretty tough target, its far darker than Jupiter and Venus for example, and thus harder to get pictures of.
For this picture (the saturn alone one) Ive used a staggering 56744 frames, taken in about 25 minutes of footage.
For reference, for the Jupiter photos I often have like.. I dont know, 1500 frames or so, and 2 minutes of footage.
Saturn being at only 15 degrees above the horizon did not make matters easier. My ADC helped compensate dispersion.
Saturn doesnt change as much in half an hour time as Jupiter does, which makes it possible to gather data over a longer time frame, and treat it as a single moment, merging it all together.
The entire Cassini division is visible, except the part behind the planet for obvious reasons. Ive never got a picture that clear before.
Ive also included 2 shots of the moon-system of the planet.
The darker of the 2 consist of 4x8 seconds exposure merged, and the other one is a single 30 second exposure.
The faintest object captured is a nameless star of nearly 12th magnitude.

6 inch Skywatcher Maksutov on EQ5 mount
2x Explore Scientific Barlow

3x 5 minutes at 20ms
2x 5 minutes at 40ms
35% best selected all combined.

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