Friday, January 4, 2019

2018 ANALEMMA WITH THE DUN CARLOWAY BROCH Taken by Giuseppe Petricca on January 1, 2019 @ Isle of Lewis

Solar Analemma 2018 - Dun Carloway Broch Megalithic Site

In the composition (a 15 vertical shot assembled panorama for the background, 36 solar pictures for the analemma, and 31 for the daily sun path) we can clearly see the analemma over the magnificent megalithic site of Dun Carloway, almost 2000 years old! To be able to observe the Sun moving in the sky over the year from such a history-rich site brings always strong emotions, thinking about the fact that thousands of generations have, before us, watched the same fantastic views!

An experiment that could be almost called a normal one at this point, but that I wanted to try again, after the successful experience of last two years, always fighting with the ever fast changing weather of these places. I managed, however, to photograph more images than I anticipated, creating a complete analemma, with the inferior (Winter) culmination of the Sun purposely behind the sunset, in the first half of the afternoon at these latitudes. The added straight line of suns in the sky shows the path of our star in a single day.

This strange figure, with a shape of an 8 or an infinite, the analemma, is caused by the axial tilt of our planet, and by the elliptical shape of our orbit around the Sun. If we take a picture day by day, always at the same hour, the Sun is not in a fixed position, but it slowly climbs up and then down the curve. All this, framed in a breathtaking ancient landscape, as old as the men and women which under the same Sun built this magnificent tower 9 metres high in a fairytale landscape!

Manfrotto Tripod - X-PRO 3-Way Head - Canon EOS 700D 18MP - Samyang 14mm f/2.8 - 15 Vertical Shot Panorama - Digital Blending - Astrosolar Filter for the Sun - Lightroom CC - Photoshop CC

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