Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Connoisseurs of total eclipses don't always agree on what is the best part. Some prefer the beginning, when the sun's corona suddenly appears attended by the startled gasps of onlookers. Others prefer the middle, when the starry-dark core of the Moon's shadow turns the landscape into an alien wonderland. After looking at this picture, however, you might be inclined to cast a vote in favor of the end

Photographer John Chumack took the picture Aug. 21st during the Great American Solar Eclpse just as the disk of the Moon was uncovering the sun. Piercing beams of sunlight shot through gaps in lunar mountains creating a dazzling "Diamond Ring" effect.

"The Diamond Ring was so beautiful, plus the large pink prominences were amazing to see," says Chumack. "I was so fortunate to have decent clear weather at my friends' home in Hopkinsville, KY."

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