Thursday, August 31, 2017

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Taken by Rogelio Bernal Andreo on August 21, 2017 @ Phillips Lake, OR

Im submitting my 2017 Solar Eclipse contribution from Phillips Lake, OR. This is the only image I captured of the eclipse.

Its is not a staged picture, this is how this girl, Jessica, chose to experience the eclipse. When totality began I was hypnotized by the sight that I completely neglected the two cameras I had set beforehand. Near the end, though, I nearly improvised the shot, simply shooting at what I had in front of me. Its a 2 panes mosaic, one shot during totality, one just a couple of seconds later, the instant the sun started to reappear, which added the nice highlights and deep dynamic range to the image. The image has been edited for contrast/brightness/color saturation, but its NOT a Photoshop fabrication.

Check my page, Wikipedia, APOD, etc. if in doubt. Full story here:

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