Saturday, November 18, 2017

ATMOSPHERIC OPTICS Taken by Rayann Elzein on November 17, 2017 @ Inari, Finnish Lapland

This morning in Finnish Lapland, the air was filled with ice crystals, and the temperature was about -17°C (1.4°F).

I was driving toward the north there at 68°N. First I was driving in quite thick fog, until suddenly a big fog bow appeared in front of me. I looked back, and the low sun seemed to want to amaze me.

I knew of a large hill that would allow me to drive above the cloud/fog bank, and while doing that I saw:
- first a very distinctive sun halo with a sun pillar. At some point, the halo was double, but there was nowhere to stop safely.
- further up, opposite to the sun, I saw my own shadow in a glory, surrounded by a fog bow
- and best of all, in the direction of the sun, the brightest sundogs that I have ever seen (they were as bright as the sun itself), and even what I believe is an upper tangent arc.

This fully compensates my frustration of not seeing any Auroras upon my arrival a few hours earlier!

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