Wednesday, November 22, 2017

RED SPRITES, LIGHTNING, ZODIACAL LIGHTS, MILKY WAY AND ORANGE AIRGLOW ON LA PALMA Taken by Adrien Mauduit on November 21, 2017 @ La Palma, Canarias, Spain

In the night of November 21st-22nd (last night), I was out shooting a time-lapse of the milky way On La Palma in the Canary Islands when some clouds rolled in along with thunderstorm that developed on the Atlantic ocean (west). At first nothing major, but as I played back my time-lapse on the LCD screen of my Canon 6D camera, what a surprise I had when I saw the red dots on the very right-hand side of the frame. Red dots, because I was shooting with a 14mm lens. As I zoomed in to only confirm my suspicions, I could not contain my excitement: I had caught my very first red sprites. Not only that, but with a very cool combination of events: Fall milky way and zodiacal lights (as I shot around 20:00, a bit more than an hour after LT sunset), orange airglow (barely visible here on the horizon but more visible earlier in the time-lapse, and of course lightning and sprites. I had been waiting years to capture this elusive phenomenon, and tried countless times in vain. What a surprise and a memory of a lifetime!

Canon 6D Baader modded + Sigma 14mm f/1.4 Art, @ ISO 6400, f/2, 15, single shot, no tracking.

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