Tuesday, November 28, 2017

SOUTH CELESTIAL POLE STARTRAIL Taken by Noeleen Lowndes on November 21, 2017 @ Bendemeer NSW Australia

I love doing star trails around the south celestial pole (SCP) as they show that our Earth is rotating on its axis, they also show where you have taken the image on Earth by showing where the north or south celestial pole is positioned in the night sky.

This image was taken at a small country town in NSW Australia and its latitude was 30 degrees south, so the SCP was 30 degrees up from my southern horizon (if you live in the northern hemisphere you would be looking to the northern sky to find your NCP) :-)

The two fuzzy patches near the top of the image are the Large and Small Magellanic clouds which are small companion galaxies to our Milky Way galaxy; they are circumpolar here in Australia so we always have them in the sky sometime during the night.

The image is a 1 hour long single exposure, plus another in camera 1 hour dark frame exposure for noise reduction (2 hours) using a Canon 700D camera and a Canon 18-55mm lens set at 18mm and f3.5, the ISO was 200.

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