Thursday, August 15, 2019

FIREBALL - PERSEID METEORS SHOWER Taken by Catalin Tapardel on August 13, 2019 @ Kakwa, Alberta, Canada

After 2 nights of shooting the Perseid Meteors Shower through clouds and patches of clear sky, I am finally in the process of selecting the most representative ones, but this fireball is standing out of the crowds. This is one of the few huge fireballs I witnessed during the August 13th morning. They were so powerful that they lit up the sky literally, very impressive. I got lucky that the full moon was masked by the clouds and did not affected to much in that morning, the visibility of the meteor shower and also I got more luckier catching this beautiful fireball at 20mm…..the story is that with so much humidity, the lenses where fogging up so fast that I was running between the three cameras like a maniac every two minutes. In this process I knock out the zoom ring of the Nikkor 14-24 lens, moved it from 14mm to 20mm by accident and shooting all night at 20mm without knowing. No editing just imported and cropped in LR. (Nikon D800, Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8, ISO 1600; 6 seconds exposure 20mm, Kakwa, Alberta, Canada, August 13, 2019).

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