Thursday, August 22, 2019

MILKY WAY AND GEGENSCHEIN OVER ALI OBSERVATORY Taken by Jeff Dai on August 20, 2019 @ Ali Observatory, Tibet, China

Here is the view of Milky way and Gegenschein over Ali observatory taken at last night (August 20th). The Ali observatory is a prospective World-Class Observatory located on the Ngari Plateau in southwestern Tibet Autonomous Region, near the border with Kashmir. At 5100 meters above sea level, Ali Observatory would be the highest permanent astronomical perch on Earth's surface. Preliminary weather and atmospheric data suggest that Ngari would rival high-altitude facilities at Mauna Kea, the Atacama Desert in Chile, and in the Canary Islands. In the dark sky, the Milky way from Summer triangle to constellation Scorpio highlight the scene. Enjoy your view along the zodiac, Planet Jupiter,Saturn and Gegenschien are visible above the observatory.

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