Sunday, February 5, 2017


Third Q&A!

Question 3 – KV5: We haven't heard about any of the discoveries from the discovery of the tomb of Ramesses sons in 1995. What steps have been taken to prevent the flood debris and what discoveries have been unearthed since the 1995 find?

KV5 was found, I think, more than three times, and was then rediscovered by Kent Weeks, who excavated the tomb and found that it contained many rooms and bones. He says that the sons of Ramesses II were buried there, but I think this cannot be true for many reasons. First, if you look at the chapels, all the rooms that he found are very small, and so a sarcophagus couldn't fit inside. Second, it has a large statue of Osiris, which could prove that the tomb was a cenotaph – a symbolic tomb. And third, in my opinion, all the bones that I've seen in the tomb date to the Late Period, when many of the tombs were used again. Also, we know that sons of Ramesses II were buried at Saqqara and other places. I think this is a symbolic burial, made by Ramesses II to connect his sons symbolically with his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Kent Weeks didn't work there last year, but I think there's nothing more to be discovered, because all the chapels and artefacts have been found.

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