Sunday, February 5, 2017


And the fifth one.

Question 5 – Is work still continuing with CT-scanning and DNA testing Egyptian mummies? If so, what new things are you learning?

We are going to start the Egyptian Mummy Project soon, we're just looking for funds. We want to scan the mummies of Dynasty 19 – we need to scan Ramesses I, at least to be sure that the mummy we brought from the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta is really him; and we need to scan Ramesses II and Merenptah. We also need to re-scan the mummy of 18th Dynasty king Tuthmosis I, because I really believe this is not the mummy of Tuthmosis I at all. We will also scan the two mummies found in KV 21 to be sure that one of them is Ankhesenamun (wife of Tutankhamun), and to compare this mummy with the two foetuses found inside Tutankhamun's tomb; we also want to investigate whether the mummy without a head from KV 21 is the mummy of Nefertiti.

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