Saturday, June 17, 2017

COMET JOHNSON V2 - JUNE 15, 2017 Taken by Chris Schur on June 15, 2017 @ Payson, AZ

Comet Johnson V2 Last night - 6/15/17

Lots of fire smoke in our skies here in northern Arizona from wildfires on the Colorado Plateau. Despite a bit of obscuration, I was able to obtain this image last night before things got too bad. Getting the super faint gas tail to even show up in an image is a feat. The comet is still gorgeous in the telescope visually, and hope you have a chance to get out and see this one in the next week or so because its diving south very fast!



Comet Johnson V2 in Virgo
10 f/3.8 Orion Astrograph
ST10xme CCD
62 mins total exposure time
Payson, Az

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