Sunday, June 11, 2017

SATURN & MOON ENCELADUS Taken by John Chumack on June 9, 2017 @ Dayton, Ohio USA

Saturn nearing Opposition with the moon Enceladus.
Seeing was half way decent that night..060917..after 1:00am I captured some close-ups of Saturn near Opposition...a few more days to Opposition, but you can see the shadow of the Rings on the front of Saturns Cloud-tops...and also the Shadow of Saturns Disk laying across the rings directly behind the top of the disk giving it the cat ears look! The Best steady seeing Ive experienced in a while here in the Midwest..the More stable it is the more details I can pull out of the image, hopefully we get more steady nights like this. Captured from my backyard observatory in Dayton pushing the limits with my C8 8 inch diameter SCT Scope & QHY5IIL monochrome Cmos Camera & 5x Televue Barlow, Astronomik RGB Filters, AS2, Registax6, RGB combined in Maxim DL, & CS2017. 3600 Avi frames with Firecapture. Mag 0.03, Diameter 18.28 arc

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