Thursday, February 1, 2018

LUNAR ECLIPSE BY THAI FIRE SHOW Taken by Petr Horálek on January 31, 2018 @ Ko Samui, Lamai Beach, Thailand

While capturing the total lunar eclipse 31st January, 2018, over the Ko Samui island, Thailand, I experienced it by wonderful traditional Thai fire show nearby. In fact, many people were pretty surprised by the „orange in the sky“ as local news didn’t bring any information about that. So walking on on the Lamai beach with my camera, I was meeting both local people and tourists, longly staying on the beach and gazing in the not-typical full Moon so far. The surprise was even bigger for them as the Thai people prepared for them rich program of every-month „full moon party“, including these spectacular fire-men shows but… there was no full Moon over 4 hours! But with the bloody Moon over the human volcano, the show was definitely much more spectacular. Follow me on my facebook or website:,

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