Sunday, August 12, 2018

PERSEIDS OVER STAR PARTY Taken by Alan Dyer on August 10, 2018 @ Maple Creek, SK

The Perseids were flying last night over the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party in the Cypress Hills of southwest Saskatchewan.

This was on August 10, 2018, with an aurora as a bonus.

The view is looking north with Polaris at top centre, and the Big Dipper at lower left. The radiant point in Perseus is at upper right.

The sky also has bands of green airglow, which was more prominent in images taken earlier before the short-lived aurora kicked up. The aurora was not obvious to the naked eye. However, the northern sky was bright all night with the airglow and faint aurora.

This is a composite of 10 images, one for the base sky with the aurora and two faint Perseids, and 9 other images, each with Perseids taken over a 3.3 hour period, being the best 9 frames with meteors out of 360. Each exposure was 30 seconds at f/2 with the 15mm Laoawa lens and Sony a7III at ISO 4000.

I rotated all the additional meteor image frames around Polaris to align the frames to the base sky image, so that the added meteors appear in the sky in the correct place with respect to the background stars, retaining the proper perspective of the radiant point.

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