Saturday, May 5, 2018

MOON AND SATURN Taken by Talha Zia on May 4, 2018 @ Karachi, Pakistan

Moon and Saturn on the night of 4th May 2018.

Attached below is a single image of Moon and Saturn shot while both were in the same field of view on the night of 4th May 2018 at 20:44:11 UTC.

This is a single image showing 78.5% illuminated waning gibbous phase of the moon and Planet Saturn very close as seen from Earth.
In reality moon is at a distance of 400,000 Km while Saturn is 1.4 billion Km from earth at the time of taking this image.

This image was shot at prime focus at a focal length of 900 mm which looks good for moon but due to lower angular size of Saturn this is very small focal length and hence the image of Saturn too which is why 500% increased resized version of Saturn is attached as an inset just to magnify Saturn & its rings.

Exposure of moon was bring down in lightroom and Saturn was enhanced in lightroom.

Equipment Details: 90mm Sky watcher Refractor and Canon 1200D DSLR at prime focus method.

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