Tuesday, April 3, 2018

MARS - SATURN - M22 Taken by Uğur İkizler on April 1, 2018 @ Mudanya - Bursa / Turkiye

Yesterday morning, according to our point of view, Mars and Saturn came close.
Meanwhile, according to our point of view, the M22 named global star cluster in the Milky Way was just around the corner.
We look at it according to our perspective, because the distance of these celestial bodies to us;
Mars is 166 million km. Saturn is 1.49 billion km. The M22 is 10,600 light-years away. (100.700 trillion km.)
Visually, not physically, as they can be understood from distances as close to each other.

01.04.2018 - 05:09 - 05:55 (GMT+3)
152 mm f/4,85 Home-made newtonian telescope, Canon 6D,
1600 ISO, 63 X 30 sec. exposure

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