Monday, July 2, 2018

MILKYWAY Taken by omid ghiasoddin on June 14, 2018 @ iran-semnan-shahrud

The kings of the past
Reptiles were the kings of the earth in the past and they ruled the planet for millions of years.
In this shot you can see two historical elements, the first one is the reptile which is descendant of dinasours, they passed through ancient era and became like this , the second one is the Milky way which has million years of antiquity.
Furthermore the red planet Mars is visible on the left of the image and the Saturn planet is in the center of the image and the Alpha Scorpii ”Antares” is on the right.
Some reptiles provide energy by using sunlight during the day and live their lives, but these creatures stay static at night in cold weather to maintain their energy.



Canon 6d lense 20mm sigma f1.4 expos:10s F:2 iso:5000 single shot

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