Sunday, October 28, 2018

BRIGHT BOLID -6 MAG. Taken by Michal Kaluzny on October 11, 2018 @ Nowy Belecin, Poland

To catch this phenomenon you have to be extremely lucky and have a very good lens. This picture was taken from ultra-light and incredibly sharp Sigma Art 105/1,4, with f:2,5 aperture hooked up to Nikon D810A. Every film is 40 frames, 60 seconds each. Because of its big diameter Sigma 105/1,4, is capable of registering faint objects and phenomenons. It took me 35 minutes to register the trace of this bolide. In the picture you can see strongly framed constellation of Orion, you can also see all off its brightest nebulae ahead with M42 constellation.
In the film there is one more bright meteor from the Orionid stream. The light lines moving in the frame are geostationary satellites. The color of the sky is air glow (atmospheric radiation) and unfortunately light pollution.
Photo is 108 frames 60 seconds each iso 2500.

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