Sunday, October 14, 2018

STARGATE Taken by Fins Eirexas on October 9, 2018 @ Portalén, Cerdedo, Galiza

Gegenschein above Portalén -The Gate To The Beyond-. Uranus is also in the starfield left of Counterglow (see annotated version).
Portalén (Porta do Alén=Gate to the Beyond in Galician) is an granitic rock formation home of ancient traditions. On the Samhain night, people can walk through the gate from N to S (this view) to communicate with the Dead. After that the person would have to keep silent, otherwise his/her voice could become snoring or something worse. Do not forget to go back through the gate from S to N to return to the world of the Living.

Composition of 7 subs for the sky (75s ISO 3200 guided) & 14 subs for the foreground (60s ISO 3200 unguided) Nikon D600 full spectrum Nikkor AI 26, f/2 @ f/4. Backlit illumination with red led & iPhone light.

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